These days couples find it challenging to find quiet alone time together to reunite, reconnect and restore their connection together.  Couples Spas and Couples massages are two great options for pairs to immediately reignite the spark and restore their connection.

A Couples’ massage is usually offered to a couple on matching side by side massage tables with soothing environmental music.

The massage styles can vary depending on customer preference and the Spa.  Massages are provided by qualified aestheticians who help the individuals to release tension, toxins, and restore balance and calm to their whole bodies.

Couples are close enough to each other in the room to connect energetically and talk if they choose or simply enjoy quiet time together in a relaxing environment before they move on to other spa activities.

Couples’ massages are a great way for a spouse or partner to introduce their partner to the benefits and more importantly the techniques of massage so that they could replicate the therapeutic touch at home on future occasions.  The act of touching and reconnecting for couples has powerful and therapeutic benefits.

Couples’ massages can include many additional elements to truly enhance the reconnection experience such as body scrubs, body wraps, Nordic Hot / Cold Pools and overnight accommodations; all cumulating in a very calming, experience that restores a couples’ intimacy and reconnection.

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